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Come and fall in love with giant icebergs and the Arctic vastness with its crystal-clear air, with the midnight sun that never sets in summer, with huge whales and charming seals, and with the timid smile of the Greenlanders.

Those who come to us in winter, on the other hand, experience a completely different world: The seemingly endless Arctic winter months with their biting temperatures, the long nights under a magnificent canopy of stars brightened by the silver glow of the moon, and by the mystical aurora, which is magically reflected in millions of snow and ice crystals.

From June to October, I sail the following tours:


Ice Fjord by Day

Ice Fjord Tour by Day

On this tour, I sail with you to the entrance of Ilulissat Icefjord, into a labyrinth of several dozen giant icebergs that gather here every summer. After calving from the Kangia Glacier, 80 km away and a migration of about one year, these ice blocks, up to 120 meters high, strike the bottom of the 8 km wide fjord opening at a sea depth of between 150 and 300 meters. There they remain for several months before setting off on an individual journey into the Arctic Ocean, which will take some of them as far as the coast of Newfoundland.

Duration: 2 ½ hours
Price: 550 DKK/person


Ice Fjord Tour by Night

This tour is identical to the daytime Icefjord tour, but with departure after 06 pm. The daily departure time for the evening tour varies during the summer months between 10 pm and 6 pm for the opportunity to see the sunset. That is when the icebergs appear in their most beautiful light.

Duration: 2 ½ hours
Price: 650 DKK/person


Watching whales from the boat.

Whale Safari

That is probably the favorite in my tour program. Here, similar to the Icefjord tour, we sail to the giant icebergs in the mouth of the fjord, but specifically, keep an eye out for the whales and take plenty of time to observe them. Mostly it is humpback whales that we encounter here in the summer, but sometimes also Mink- and Fin whales. Some of them come to the Arctic from the warm but nutrient-poor waters of the Caribbean to restore their fat reserves.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 800 DKK/person


The village Rodebay in Greenland

Excursion to Oqaatsut (Rodebay)

Here we sail to the settlement of Oqaatsut, 15 kilometers north of Ilulissat, with about 35 inhabitants. After the one-hour sail, passengers have the opportunity to look around on their own to get an insight into the Greenlandic way of life in a village. You will see a school, a store, a church, and a restaurant, but no car, because there is no road here. If you wish, a “kaffemik” (invitation for coffee and cake) can get arranged with a local family. Afterward, the relaxing trip goes back to Ilulissat.

Duration: 5 hours
Price: 900 DKK/person


Excursion to the village Ilimanaq in Greenland

Excursion to Ilimanaq

The 1 1/2-hour sailing tour takes us south, along the ever-changing iceberg scenery, to the 45-people settlement of Ilimanaq. In recent years, Ilimanaq has moved into the tourist spotlight with the construction of 15 luxury cabins with unique ocean views, as well as the restoration of one of Greenland’s oldest houses. Here too, we take enough time after arrival to explore the village on our own, to pick berries and mushrooms, or to enjoy the view over the magnificent Disko Bay from the nearby lookout mountain.

Duration: 5 hours
Price: 950 DKK/person


Day tour to Eqip glacier

The Eqip glacier is located 90 km north of Ilulissat. It is a very popular destination because you can approach by boat the glacier edge, which is over 150 meters high at some places, to a relatively short distance. With a little luck, you will witness calving when giant masses of ice break loose at great heights and thunderously plunge into the depths. On this tour, a meal, as well as coffee, tea, and a piece of cake, are included in the price.

Duration about 10 hours
Price: 2.100 DKK/person

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